Angelas Park - MCD - Essen für die Seele

Angelas Park - MCD - Essen für die Seele

Every word is already written and every target is already imagined, every feeling is already described - just life, just life, is easier said than done.


Who or what is Angelas Park?: a park, a place to dream, to play, to experiment or to feel home - with ideas, words, melodies and songs. Angelas Park, is as well Angela together with her four musicians, a band, that was founded in Berlin one year ago.

Angela writes poems since years, releases poetry book, invites to readings - from this moment on it was just a small step to connect letters with tones, the lines with the melodies and to turn the poems into songs.

Similar to Angela and her poems is the music by Angelas Park: thoughtful, direct, powerful and honest.

Since 2007 Angelas Park plays on different campus-festivals and town parties. During the Fête De La Musique, they supported Bands like Virginia Jetzt! as the MySpace-Act on stage within the YOU BERLIN.

You can find the song "Zeit ist nichts für Liebe" by Angelas Park as well on the sound track of the movie Mitfahrgelegenheit which will receive its premiere in 2008. The first EP "Essen für die Seele" (Dinner for the soul) will be available on January 2008.



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