Harris & Mathou - MCD - Sleep silently sleep

Harris & Mathou - MCD - Sleep silently sleep

“Sleep Silently Sleep“ is the latest anthem of the two exceptional artists Damon Harris & Mathou:

For the singer and songwriter Mathou, who entered the charts and the hearts of the the audience at the beginning of the nineties with his song "You never walk alone" a dream came true...

Mathou and the legendary Damon Harris produced this song together in the famous Hansa Recording Studios in Berlin. Damon Harris wrote music history with the legendary "Temptations" in the seventies and was honoured with three Grammys for the world-hit "Papa was a Rolling Stone". Now he gets involved with his "Harris Cancer Foundation" - An organization that cares for people who suffer from cancer.

In cooperation with the African Gospel-Choir "Bonisanani Spirituals" and the incomparable voice of Damon Harris a very emotional benefit-song results: "Sleep Silently Sleep"

"We spend one week day and night together. It was a very intensive time with many intensive conversations. Our song is dedicated to all the involved children and their families regardless of which color of skin or confession they are- this song shall give all of them hope and power. "Sleep Silently Sleep" shall encourage everybody to care for the children..." - Damon Harris & Mathou – Nov. 2007


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