Frank Zander - Album - Reibeisen

Frank Zander - Album - Reibeisen

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It was the result of a poorly cured tonsillitis, helpful to realize the breakthrough as the singer of the Gloomy-Moon-Singers in 1967 , is until today one of the most popular ones and legendary hits like "Ur-Ur-Enkel von Frankenstein", "Nick-Nack-Man" or "Hier kommt Kurt” would be unimaginable without it… To cut a long story short- it’s all about his unmistakable style and the gravelly-edged and rough voice!

Thanks to his variability as a singer and entertainer the new CD “Reibeisen” represents an amazing mixture of all styles of music-genres combined with crazy lyrics.

This new CD includes all styles of music that are close to Frank Zander’s heart: From the greasy easy swing-interpretation „Ich brech‘ die Herzen der stolzesten Frau’n“ together with the Capital Dance Orchestra up to the modern rock sound of the first single-release “Spass ist für alle da” which is a German cover-version of the Billboard number One hit from 1981 “Centerfold” by the J. Geils Band and the eloquent duet “Wo gehst du hin, meine Schöne?” with the German rapper Prinz Pi and his producer Biztram.

Zander changes skillfully between different genres of music and rerecorded due to recent causes his own hit from 1978 “Rauchen macht frei” (at that time used for the campaign against smokers by the Austrian government), he talks in a smug and crazy way about the story of the sexy “Carla” and the essential “Drei Harmonien” (three harmonies) and he sings as well lovely and full of emotions about his hometown Berlin.


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